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We have one of the largest Costs teams in the UK, dealing with over 12,000 costs disputes per year ranging from fixed recoverable costs to high value, complex costs claims. We were named as one of the top three teams in the UK by Chambers 2020.

Our approach is strategic not transactional. Challenging costs on a case-by-case/day-to-day basis is important, but with serial litigators and opponents it is essential to identify their adverse behaviours and tackle them strategically for the benefit of clients.

Our methods have been proven to deliver desired outcomes and significant savings. We succeed not only on individual cases but also in the medium to longer term, delivering real sustainable benefit to our clients. Our approach succeeds because, unlike many other costs firms, we actively advise and work hand in hand with the lawyers dealing with the substantive action to deploy costs strategies throughout the lifetime of the case.

We are at the forefront of costs law reform and have appeared in numerous precedent-setting cases in the Senior Courts Costs Office, the High Court and the Court of Appeal.


Howard Dean - Director of Costs

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