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    Claims Tracker

    Claims Tracker is an iOS wallet card that outlines to policyholders exactly where their claim is throughout the claims journey.

    Policyholders are introduced to Claims Tracker at first notification of loss by our claims handlers. If the policyholder would like to receive notifications and updates through this technology, we will send an SMS containing a personalised link to download the wallet item.

    Our innovative and proactive approach gives policyholders live updates in real-time without the need to call or email to speak to a member of the team. The policyholder can track and check in on their claim in a way and at a time that suits them, and they can check back at any time if they need a reminder of any of the information.

    Our application tracks: claim logged, claim assessed, claim approved, preparing your home, repair details, plus any further updates until the claim is closed. It also sends push notifications to make them aware of a change in their claims status as well as any outstanding actions which could slow down the process of their claim, such as a reminder for an excess payment or to upload receipts.

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    Drone Surveying

    Drone Surveying provides drone survey solutions for household and commercial insurance claims.

    We deploy drones to assess major disasters, large losses and to locations our adjusters are unable to access. By utilising drone technology, we are able to capture videos and pictures of damaged properties that we use to start the claim process without delays.

    The footage obtained helps us estimate initial reserves and resourcing requirements as well as plan timelines for restoration works.

    Our clients using this technology have made substantial savings through lower cost investigations, shorter claims lifecycles and gained invaluable insight into surge events, large losses and commercial risks.

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    Video Adjusting

    Video Adjusting is our virtual desktop validation tool. Through our downloadable app, our team speaks to policyholders via a video link which allows us to review and validate insurance claims under £10,000 in real time.

    Available through Android & IOS, Davies View allows policyholders to speak to us on a day and time that suits them; all of our video appointments are made within 24 hours of the first notification of loss.

    This approach enables our specialist desk adjusters to assess, accurately validate and apply a reserve to the claim without the need of a site visit. The video recording is automatically added to the claim file via our CQ claims management platform, giving full visibility and access to our clients.

    Our technology significantly reduces claims lifecycles and costs, helps us to detect fraudulent claims and increases customer satisfaction scores.

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    VR Training

    VR Training is our cutting-edge training platform that immerses users into a fully simulated environment.

    Our modules put the user into realistic claims scenarios that give them first-hand experience of a policyholder’s loss. Our bespoke modules incorporate a mixture of technical claims handling alongside emotive soft skills development.

    Our unique training solution increases user engagement, empathy and understanding of a claim; this technique has proven to maximise employee knowledge retention too.

    Our VR training programmes are bespoke and can be developed for independent learning or delivered as a classroom experience for up to 10 users.

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    AML / KYC

    Our SaaS platform AML / KYC, helps make business processes fully compliant and more efficient and reduces risk, through our Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.

    Hosted on one online platform, we provide a comprehensive range of online reports covering UK and international individuals. We offer solutions to include more data, check machine readable passports worldwide and even check where in the world a mobile phone was last turned on.

    Our service is uniquely structured to give freedom and flexibility allowing our clients control over risk management expenditure and aligned costs with usage.

    Our solutions help businesses comply with laws governing the regulated sector regarding AML and KYC, or HR functions. We provide bespoke solutions for our clients’ requirements.

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    Legal AI

    Legal AI reduces indemnity spend and increases legal and insurer efficiency. Initially focused on low-value, third party motor claims, we’ve expanded our technology offering to credit hire and large loss claims where administrative aspects can be automated to drive lawyer efficiency and value for money.

    Our in-house team of developers have built a case management system (CMS) to overlay our artificial intelligence platform which includes machine learning to read and interpret documents of all types. We use APIs to communicate with external systems such as Verisk COA and Advanced’s Chambers Management Software to create true end-to-end claims automation solutions, natural language processing to handle the reading and processing of emails and utilising our CMS for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for work-flowing tasks.

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    Voice of Customer & Employee

    Through our proprietary Voice of Customer & Employee platform we provide Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee programmes.

    Our insights are generated through IVR, email, SMS, web, webchat, beacon technology or embedded in existing digital app-based platforms.

    Our clients use the feedback generated to drive business benefits, including; agent management performance, brand management, customer retention, closing the feedback loop, process improvement and treating customers fairly.

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    Learning Retention

    Our proprietary Learning Retention platform, Errol Owl, is designed to increase the effectiveness of learning interventions and retaining knowledge. It provides an easy and enjoyable way to follow up on learning and help identify further knowledge gaps that can be plugged by additional learning content or through coaching.

    Errol Owl has been specifically designed by learning experts to raise the long-term impact of learning interventions. The Learning Retention platform is flexible and fun to use and provides regular quiz style questions to reinforce knowledge. Through the use of artificial intelligence Errol Owl will tailor future questions by analysing previous responses. It then dials up or down certain categories of questions creating a personalised experience. It also identifies individual learners who may be struggling and need targeted coaching.

    Errol Owl will help you with knowledge retention, learning needs analysis (LNA), improved compliance, data-driven coaching and more.

    The best thing about the platform is the control it offers over which questions are used and when they are delivered to your learners. It provides detailed reporting that allows for in-depth analysis of knowledge retention and further learning opportunities.

    Available as a Desktop and App version, Errol Owl offers learners quick knowledge retention activity on the go.

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    Vehicle Basic Hire Rate

    Our vehicle basic hire rate online platform delivers the market’s largest archive of vehicle basic hire rates data to support clients in the resolution of credit hire claims.

    Our platform holds over 20 million vehicle basic hire rates from more than 500 locations across the UK, and this is updated at a daily rate of 100,000. A user can obtain specific geographic, current or historic basic hire rates for a vehicle for every month of the year and from any location in the UK.

    The archive contains basic hire rates for standard vehicles, prestige vehicles, vans and motorbikes; available as a 1, 7 and 28-days rate. The probative values are verified by the provision of tangible evidence and cross-referenced with the Association of British Insurers General Terms of Agreement (ABI GTA) and associated matrix. Importantly, basic hire rates are also provided for actual makes and models of vehicles to offer a true comparison.

    In addition to our proprietary vehicle basic hire rates system, we deliver CPR compliant specialist witness statements. The witness statements provide our clients with tangible, evidence backed reports solely focused on reducing spend and providing impartial and independent, court compliant evidence to combat presented hire claims.

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